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Jeremy Rees

Professional info

Owning a business, I have been involved in many areas corporately and in the community. Sales, advertising, social media, design and public relations are just a few of my areas of expertise. However marketing is a field which includes all areas of of a company like accounting, budgeting, management, training, and inventory control. A passion of mine for the betterment of my community has also lead to managing and executing various community events and programs for several non-profit organizations.

Work experience

L.J. Stone Company
2019 - Present

As Marketing Manager, I organize, manage and evaluate all marketing efforts and staff, guiding them toward the ultimate goal of company growth in sales, morale and customer service. Including advertising, sales, event management and call center management for both outbound efforts and inbound retention.

2010 - present

Finished as the Business Development Center Manager, I started at Victory as a Vehicle Specialist and cared about what people wanted in their vehicle and what I had that will work best for them! In management, I was responsible for Sales training, morale and searching for avenues to develop new opportunities!

2010 - present

Owned and worked at Tree of Life Bookstores in Marion mainly as Vice President of Marketing and Marketing Director, integrating internal and external marketing communications including conducting surveys, focus groups and demographics for each market while determining the best approach. Setting up budgets and reports to determine effectiveness of Marketing initiatives was an important responsibility I enjoyed. There were times when I acted as an area manager restructuring staffing and processes, training management, hiring, firing and training staff. This was in a retail environment with an attached restaurant. I also functioned in sales and trade show marketing as to promote Tree of Life to and build relationships with Vice Presidents of Colleges. Marketing endeavors included social media and internet marketing as Tree of Life developed a multi-million dollar web business. Because of this there was an initiative with the City of Marion Indiana to purchase, refurbish and utilize a large vacant building as our headquarters and warehouse. This venture included meetings with city officials, Public Relations Marketing and communication. I then sold my shares and left in 2012.

Indiana Wesleyan University  2004 Graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Marion High School

1996 - 2000


Marion High School Graduate and member of the 2000 State Championship Basketball Team #30.

Played with Zach Randolph, retired NBA player of 17 seasons.

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